Mid-Century Ranch Renovation designed and engineered by rhiza A+D with custom Design & Build exposed steel rafter ties and 1/2″ thick steel stairwell guard and matching hand rail. The Roof was re-engineered to become a large light filled vaulted ceiling and rhiza A+D provided the custom Design & Build rafter tie system which was installed by the general contractor. The pass through driveway was also converted into an outdoor covered entry and a fresh air gathering and dining space. We worked closely with our client -owner on developing the rustic yet refined interior finishes and detailing palette.

ClientPrivate Residence ServicesDesign, Engineering, Permitting, Construction Admin + Design & Build Custom Vaulted Ceiling System, Stairwell Guardrails with Matching Handrail Location Portland, OregonLinkwww.rhizaaplusd.com

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