Recently completed Mid-Century Ranch Renovation designed and engineered by rhiza A+D with custom Design & Build exposed steel rafter ties and 1/2″ thick steel stairwell guard railings with matching g handrail. The roof was re-engineered to become a large light filled vaulted ceiling and rhiza provided¬†

Custom Design & Build

rafter tie system which was installed by the General Contractor. The pass through driveway was converted into an outdoor covered entry and fresh air gathering space. We worked closely with our client to develop the rustic yet refined interior finishes and detailing palette.

IN 2020, THE USE OF OUR HOMES AND RESIDENCES EXPANDED TO BECOME not only spaces for living but now often needing to accommodate working, schooling, exercising, dancing, zooming, A LOT more cooking, baking and dishes, pantry and storage, handwashing and sanitizing, gardening, outdoor gathering etc. etc. Some of these we look forward to mixing back up with activities out of the home, with perhaps a little less cooking, dishes and zooming. But many of these changes we see becoming adapted into our day to day lives going forward. Flexible home offices for part time work with less commuting and a smaller carbon footprint, improvements to kitchen and pantry for less stressful cooking and dishes ( did we mention dishes?) peaceful bathroom-spa renovations, converting the garage or adding small accessory building(s) for the home office, yoga room or craft-ceramics studio. Extending out beyond the walls of the home could be the creation of ornamental and edible gardens beds, landscaping and decks for regenerating in nature, outdoor fresh air accessory structures to exercise, do yoga or meditate as well as gather with family and friends. 


IF YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT A NEW HOME OR RENOVATION- REMODEL PROJECT reach out and give us a call or send a message. We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to discuss your needs.