Our two new roundabout artworks for the City of Richland Washington are now installed in two traffic circles on Queensgate drive in West Richland near I-182. The two roundabout artworks celebrate Richland’s past and future of technology and agriculture of the region. The two works are entitled:

Fishing for Gravity & Waves of Viticulture

We worked closely with the City of Richland and Washington Department of Transportation throughout the Design & Permitting Process. We managed and coordinated with the City of Richland contractors resulting in a successful installation and dedication for all.

Roundabout Artworks Located at Queensgate Traffic roundabouts, West Richland.
– Size: Gravity : 15’h x 9’w x 4’d, Waves: 6’h x 20’w x 12’d
– Materials: stainless steel, sustainable locally sourced juniper, recycled wine bottle glass.

The roundabout artworks are located across from Vitiner Square with a number of local vineyards and wineries, it becomes a major gateway to west or “new” Richland that is growing with a vibrant regional viticulture. While visiting local vineyards we were inspired by the rows of undulating leaves and waves of vines, as well as, their bountiful clusters of grapes. In these vine waves and grapes we saw a connection to LIGOs warped space-time grids and clusters of stars. We were inspired by the tri-cities and Columbia River basins long history of natural resources from ancient fisheries and early agriculture to today’s scientific technology and viticulture.

Fishing for Gravity is inspired by the groundbreaking science of the LIGO observatory to “fish for” and finally “land” Einsteins theorized gravitational waves. Constructed as a warped grid based on space-time grids warped by gravity waves, its form sweeps upward catching clusters of distant stars. The sculpture reminds us of our physical connection to the sky and stars above. At night its stainless tubes and star plates become bathed in atmospheric lighting. The surrounding landscape continues the artworks warping, waves and ripples, further suggesting gravitational waves passing through our earths landscapes and organisms.

Waves of Viticulture uses profiles of locally grown grape leaves to echo undulations of passing gravity waves. These stainless leaves warp and are supported by sustainable Juniper poles (locally sourced), also used at end of vineyard rows. The Leaf profiles are arranged in radiating rows and carried out into the roundabouts landscape to enhance the perspective view of the artwork. At night the warped surfaces capture the overhead highway light and headlights as undulating gravity bent photons.

Both roundabout artwork sculptures contain the ends of wine bottles. The recycled glass is a sustainable sourced material and provides shimmering light and color, while accentuating and connecting the two sculpture locations.

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