Memphis Muse

Sizes: 14’h x 11’w x 8’d.
Materials: powder coated steel, LED Lighting, bird- pollinator landscaping.

Memphis Muse celebrates the City of Memphis, a city known for its art – music making, innovation and creation. As we researched early blues makers we were inspired by W. C. Handy ( musician, composer, publisher, chronicler and father of the blues and 1909’s “Memphis Blues”) who we discovered was deeply influenced by the music of the natural world. His musical style was influenced by the church hymns he sang and played as a youth, and by the music of the natural world. He cited as inspiration the calls of “whippoorwills, bats and hoot owls and their outlandish noises”, the sound of Cypress Creek washing on the fringes of the woodland, and “the music of every songbird and all the symphonies of their unpremeditated art”. The artwork is based on early fantastical memories of the library and popup books merged with the inventive and creative spirit of the mockingbird ( also TN state bird).

ClientUrban Arts Commission & the City Of Memphis TNServicesDesign, Fabrication & Installation Location Cossitt Library , Memphis TN

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