Cloud C.A.V.U.

A Public Art for the Mt. Hood Ave. light rail MAX station on Tri-Met’s Red Line in Cascade Station.
– Size: 15’h x 13’w x 8’d. Materials: polished and painted aluminum, polished stainless steel, cast in-place-concrete.

This sculptural paean to PDX is composed of brushed aluminum and stainless steel. Part aeronautic wing, part voluminous cloud, “Cloud Cavu”* is formed around the experience of arriving and departing by plane through Portland’s cloud-filled winter sky. Riding MAX to and from the airport one passes the sculpture with its allusion to take-off and descent, touching down with a cluster of tilted, stainless steel rain-columns. The smooth metallic belly echoes the shape of a polished upturned wing or fish belly and an opening provides a glimpse of luminous blue beyond. The top and sides are matte, brushed, bolted patterns of turbulence, wind shear and laminar flow.

*C.A.V.U. is an aviation term meaning: Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited.

ClientTRIMET and Portland Development Commission ServicesDesign, Fabrication and Installation Location TRIMET Mt Hood Station in Cascade Station, Portland Oregon

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