Circus Me Around

Design and Built of a Temporary Set for Performance Works Northwests performance. Location was in Portland, OR.

Dancer Linda Austin (Performance Works Northwest) commissioned us to design and build an environment for an original, multidisciplinary performance entitled “Circus Me Around.” We started with a poem, a quote, elements of a sound score, and a loose description of the choreography. Two weeks before the premiere, we began to construct the set in a spacious 6,000 sf warehouse in Portland’s Central Eastside. In the words of Linda Austin we created “an environment assembled of skeletal scaffolding and a translucent shrink wrap skin, yielding various vantage points for the viewing of three simultaneous dances amid the clattering, dripping, clicking, whooping, and fluttering of Seth Nehil’s spatial sound score.”

“All that a city will ever allow you is an angle on it- an oblique, indirect sample of what it contains, or what passes through it; a point of view.”? – Peter Conrad, critic/author

“The brief capital of disturbances. And within that city lies the city Utopia with its little sojourns and orange sodas, utopia with Its watermelons and televisions.” – Joshua Clover, excerpted from “Triple Sonnet”

ClientPerformance Works Northwest (PWNW)ServicesSet Design & Installation Location Portland, Oregon

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