ART Theater Marquee & Sculptural Awning

A Marquee of light and shadow for Artist Repertory Theater.
– Size : 50’w x 30’h x 25’d

The Marquee is an armature that allows ART to extend its internal theatrics to the street. Situated in a redeveloping block adjacent to downtown the Marquee creates an illuminated street stage within an otherwise dark corridor. A light atop the Marquee projects shadows of theater props onto the entry facade. The shadows and props can be changed to create a entry and street mood alluding to the current play. The large scale shadow play and signage are oriented to auto traffic and downtown. Upon approaching the entry the scale shift to the pedestrian. Details emerge; a copper awning billowing like a raising curtain, colored theater lighting, illuminated glass awning providing street light from above and a flower holder at the entry signaling opening and closing nights. Day and night characteristics are dramatically different. By day the Marquee is a colorful mobile of materials. At night it de-materializes into an elemental play of light and shadow.

ClientArtist Repertory Theater (ART) ServicesDesign & Build Location Portland Oregon

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