PWNW Performance Works Northwest

New commercial building with 5,000 sf of flexible space for public performance, PWNW offices, private dance studios and an onsite artist-in-residency, for Performance Works Northwest (PWNW).

Located on a through-lot, the new PWNW facility is designed to be an open space for making and presenting contemporary performance works. 5,000 sf of performance space, PWNW’s office space, a multi-use studio and a second floor artist residence are provided. On performance evenings, vibrant illumination transforms the facade from industrial corrugated metal storefront into a theatrical backdrop. A concave-sloping facade invites passersby and theater goers to gather in the semi-covered space. Private, opposite street recessed entrances to the ground floor studio and second floor artist residence are organized off an entry rain garden.

ClientPerformance Works Northwest ServicesArchitecture Location SE Portland, Oregon

Privacy Preference Center